YouTube SEO: The Ultimate guide – 101Blogger

Today, i’ll teach you little bit about YouTube SEO including that How you can rank your YouTube videos not only on YouTube but also on Google. Lets start it below with step by step Process.

Step 1: Finding a Keyword for your video.

The first thing in YouTube SEO is to find the keyword for your video. You need to find that type of keywords that have YouTube result (video result) on Google first page. These keywords are called Video keywords.

The most simple way to find the video keyword is that pick the keyword related to your niche and video topic and search it in Google.

Then see, if your keyword have YouTube result on Google first Page then pick it and if it don’t have YouTube result on Google first page then search another keyword.(Example is in the below pic)

When you’ve found the video keyword then check it into Google keyword Planner. if your keyword boast over 700 searches per month, choose that keyword and final it.

Mostly Google shows the video result of these types of keywords on its first Page:

  • How to.
  • Reviews.
  • Tutorials.
  • Fitness or sports related keywords.
  • Funny videos.

Video keywords are important for YouTube SEO because if you make a video with keyword that don’t have any YouTube result on Google then you will get traffic only from YouTube. But if you make your video with Video keyword then you will get visitors direct from Google too.

Step 2: Video quality and Look.

Your video look and video quality is the 2nd important thing in YouTube SEO. If you make your video awesome and put more in it, you will get more result of it.

If your video don’t look good, it won’t be rank. no matter how best your SEO is.

You can buy any software to make and edit your video awesome. you can hire a professional photographer or expert to make your video beautiful. You can rent studio to record your video.

Voice over is also important for your video ranking. you can record voice over yourself but if you don’t have good voice or enough resources to do it your self then you can easily hire someone on service Providing sites just like Fiverr to do it for you.

How to see that user enjoying your video or not?

If users commenting on your video after watching it That mean they are enjoying your video. If users are subscribing your channel after watching your videos then it is the huge signal that your video is amazing. Shares, thumbs up, Adding video to favorite also shows that how much good your video is.

How Long my video should be?

Make your video at least 5 minutes long. Its just like an article writing. Longer videos can help your video in ranking high. Now if your are thinking that users will not watch too much long videos. then don’t worry about it. If you make your video awesome, they will watch it.

Step 3: Uploading your video.

This is the most important part of YouTube SEO.  You need to focus on SEO while uploading your video to YouTube.

1: Video File Name:

Use Your Main keyword in video File name once after creating your video.

2: Video Title:

Video title is very important in YouTube SEO. Your video Title should be at least 5 words long. but in that way you can include your full keyword with gap. If you Put your keyword in the start of your video title then it may help you in ranking your video.

3: Description:

Description is super important in YouTube SEO. because Google can’t watch and listen to your videos. they mostly depends on your description to determine your video content.

  • If you have any external link. Put it on the top of description.
  • Make your description at least 250 words.
  • Include your main keyword in first 25 words.
  • include your keyword 3 to 4 time in description.
  • Post the link of your other videos in description.

4: Tags:

Add few keywords in the Tag section to tell YouTube and Google that what your video is about. Targeted keywords not only help in ranking up your video but also show your video as the related video in the sidebar area of YouTube.

For example: When someone watching video having similar tags as your video. then your video is added to the sidebar.

Once after completing the above steps you can Hit “Save changes” and Publish your video.