Stream your PlayStation 4 from PC – 101Blogger


Remote Play feature will land on windows PC and Mac platforms. By streaming console games, players can experience already purchased PS4 games on the computer.

Sony has not officially issued a press release. Sony’s President of worldwide studios Shuhei Yoshida confirmed on twitter that Sony is developing a desktop version of Remote Play. but his twitter content is very small. however, has not identified the so-called remote gaming on the PC and Mac.

PS is now the actual cloud gaming service platform. The Game it self runs on the Sony’s official server, but image stream to the player on the local device over the network. The approach was no longer bound by players on the PS4 host and as long as there is a display device with high speed network. Players can experience hosting games anytime and anywhere.

Of course, there is another way. Game itself runs on player’s own PS4, but screen can be transmitted over a network to PC or Mac.

It is worth maintaining that, Xbox One customers already can play games on window computers, so Sony’s move was not the first. However, the remote Play will land on the Mac platform. which is the main stream game developers to a Mac for the first time allow players to stream games.

Recently, Sony also plans to make PlayStation 4 PlayStation 2 emulator support. This will allows player to experience old games on PlayStation 4.

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