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As expected, Oppo has announced the R7s. This is a new version of a smartphone introduced in May, with a configuration between the middle and high end.

A smartphone without real surprise since most of the rumors concerning him have proved accurate. It is atherefore a 5.5 inch Smartphone (its dimensions are151.8 x 75.4 x 6.95 mm for a weight of 155 grams)whose design is very close to the Oppo R7 (metalunibody shell). Screen edges have however been significantly narrowed because they do more than 2.2mm on the sides.

the main attraction of this phone is covered by a glass Gorilla Glass 2.5 D 3. Underneath lies a slab AMOLED Full HD. The announcement has just been made, the first returns are rare at the moment and it is difficult to even know what is this screen.

The rest of the sheet is the already seen, with the exception of the RAM. Oppo R7s embeds aSnapdragon 615 (MSM8939), 4 GB of RAM and 32 GBof internal memory expandable with a microSD card.The phone will also be dual SIM. More accurately, itwill have a traditional drawer in which can be eithertwo Sims (a nano and micro), or a SIM card andmicroSD card. Finally, it is a 3000 mAh battery that will enliven the device. Everything is installed under Color OS 2.1 and Android 5.1.

At the level of the cameras, will be a sensor 13 MP (of unknown brand) on the back and a 5 pm front panel sensor. In addition to traditional applications of beauty (for smoothing the skin or debride the eyes, a classic on the Chinese phones), Oppo promises tha this phone will be able to take pictures beautiful s in low light.

Compass/ Magnetometer No
Proximity sensor Yes
Accelerometer Yes
Ambient light sensor Yes
Gyroscope Yes
Barometer No
Temperature sensor No

The design of this OPPO R7 is particularly successful,particularly because of its extreme finesse that gives it a decidedly upscale side.

As the mobile is very much built in metal (chassis andbody). The mark claiming that 92.3% of the elementsof the body/chassis sound metal (aluminum to bemore precise).

The grip is quite good, even if it is clear that to enteran SMS, will use you your 2 hands.

But in contrast strongly here, it is the extreme finenessof the mobile, which yet is not the lightest. When onetakes this mobile in hand for the first time, it is evenamazed to find a dense smartphone (151 grams).

The finish is exemplary, it is y no game in the elementsthat are so perfectly placed.

A small fear still on the longevity of the 2 metal covers high and low present at the back of the mobile, that can show any durability (they appear with a little flexibility and are glued to the back of the smartphone)

However, these “hoods” being intended for the aftersales Service for dismantling of mobile, youtheoretically shouldn’t have to touch and thusdamage them.

It should be noted that the R7 is available in 2different colours: silver grey (tested version) andgolden.

Size: 14.3 cm long x 7.1 cm wide x 0.6 cm thick.Weight: 151 grams (audited).

One of the other highlights of this smartphone is its beautiful 5.0-inch screen, using AMOLED technology that allows a high level of contrast and vivid colors. A screen that provided a beautiful picture, especially as the Full HD resolution allows to benefit from a high level of Pixels Per Inch (above 440ppp). A beautiful image, completed a very good sound quality. Naturally, the earpiece is not a problem for a self-respecting manufacturer, and has no problem hearing her conversation partner (as long as everyone is good grip network where it is located). Another good point, the manufacturer has not sacrificed the 3.5 jack despite the extreme thinness of the mobile. Something some manufacturers appear to have struggled to do in 2014 including. As for the speaker, it provided a really powerful sound and clear. Which is even stunning.

However, placed in the rear position, the sound will be muffled when the mobile will be placed on a table

3. Performance: average but adequate

This mobile is equipped with components of choice. Including a good way processor from Qualcomm range (model 615 – MSM8939 reference) with his GPU (Adreno 405). 8 processor cores which have the characteristic of not being all running at the same speed (4 cores at 1.5GHz and 4 cores at 1,1GHz). In terms of RAM, useful when you want to do multitasking, one is in the presence of a mobile that is not half-measures. For here we have 3GB of RAM, Samsung brand. The same subcontractor that provided elsewhere for the chip ROM (internal storage). It is strongly amputated by the operating system. The 16GB claimed by the manufacturer is transforming rapidly into a more modest and rapidly saturable 11,5Go about. Fortunately, it is possible to add a micro SD. However, because of the mobile design choices, this will force to have only one SIM card (SIM card 1 + 1 micro SD card or 2 + 0 sim cards micro SD card). Finally, we note a certain tendency of R7 to be heated under high stress (especially noticeable because of the smartphone metal construction).

But it cools just as quickly as soon as you no longer use it at full power.

4. Connectivity: 4G LTE,

This mobile is a modern smartphone, which allows you to enjoy WiFi (a / b / g / n and DLNA function), Bluetooth (4.0), GPS, micro USB (with OTG function), micro SD card slot (then removes a 2 slots for SIM card) and 3.5 jack The most demanding will notice the lack of NFC, infrared or FM Radio tuner yet … In terms of the GSM function, R7 is any logic, quad-band. Ideal to make and receive calls (and SMS) around the globe. And for the mobile web, the “international” version proposed a 3G connection 900 and 2100MHz (2 frequencies required for a complete grip in France).

And 4G is proposed here in Band 1, 3, 7, 8 and 40 … whereas in France we use the Bands 3, 7 and 20 … Too bad!

5. Operating system: Android heavily overcoated

As is often the case with Chinese manufacturer of 1st level (read: those who have a strong brand, with a real attention to detail), the usual Android operating system has been widely overcoated. It was therefore an Android version “KitKat”, which include the overlay ColorOS 2.1 The user experience is good, although some will be baffled at the first use by a typical Chinese ergonomics. Indeed, no “depth” of navigation. Everything is in place so we function no “Menu”. However, good point, the system and overlay are translated appropriately. And these functions are easily accessible and usable by even the novice (provided that it takes time to learn to use his mobile). Among the items of note, there may be mentioned: – The “Mp3 Player widget” style “turntable” – The theme manager to customize the look of the mobile – The shortcut to lock lock the mobile … – The “O-cloud” application to back up your data online – The application “Security Center” to clear the memory of your mobile (RAM and ROM), block calls, monitor consumption data

– The actions manager (can be for example release the mobile with a double-tap)

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