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Updating your Smartphone is often Associate in Nursing exciting prospect. we have a tendency to typically update for contemporary version of mechanical man or to urge latest security updates and options. change to latest version of mechanical man like mechanical man L and being 1st among your friends and bragging regarding it might even be one in all the explanations to update your phone.

It is invariably suggested to update your phone to urge best performance and latest options from your mechanical man Smartphone. change to mechanical man L brings new options like material style, battery life improvement, increased notifications etc.

Almost all updates of mechanical man devices ar on the market over-the-air (OTA). With OTA you do not would like USB cables and PCs. however devices may also be updated via Kies on Samsung devices. change happens mechanically on Kies if there’s Associate in Nursing update on the market once your device is connected to your laptop.

Getting latest version of mechanical man OS depends upon your manufacturer and mobile operator. If you’ve got flagship and high finish device then you’re doubtless to urge latest mechanical man OS version. however if you’ve got low-cost and mid-range device from comparatively unknown complete then you may not get latest update of mechanical man OS version.

If new update is obtainable for your device, you’ll receive a notification expression you’ve new updates. If you’ve got not got any notification then you’ll be able to manually check for update. Here is step by step tutorial on a way to update your mechanical man device via OTA.

1. Backup Your Device: it’s suggested to backup you contacts, settings and alternative information before change your device. whereas change there’s atiny low probability that your device would possibly crash. So, to confirm your information ar safe, you ought to backup your information.

2. Open Setting: Navigate to setting menu. commonly progressing to setting may be done via the app menu.


3. Scroll to regarding Phone: Scroll down the settings menu and faucet on regarding Phone or regarding pill.

about phone

4. faucet package Update: currently you’re at regarding Phone section, faucet package update or similar button. This section also will tell you which of them version of mechanical man you’re running.

Software Update

5. faucet Update: This section may additionally be labeled as package update check or Check for update. this may check if your device has updates on the market. If update is obtainable then you’ll be asked if you want to put in it. If you decide on affirmative then system can transfer package.

*Note: it’s suggested to transfer via Wi-Fi as a result of file size could also be huge.

6. Restart And Install: once transfer is completed you’ll be asked to restart. once you faucet restart and install your device can bring up and will take many minutes to put in your package. whereas putting in your device are inoperable for many minutes.

*Note: it’s suggested to stay your device absolutely charged. If juice runs out whereas change your device would possibly crash.

If you run into any difficulties whereas change your device, please leave a comment. we are going to do our greatest to resolve your downside.


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