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Meet Twitter Archiver, the only tool for saving tweets, forever it’s a Google add-on that takes 5-minutes to setup (watch video tutorial) and can simply capture all tweets that match specific search terms in an exceedingly Google computer program mechanically. you’ll use the tool to observe tweets around any conference hashtag, learn what folks area unit language concerning your complete, track fashionable search terms, save tweets from any geographic location and a lot of.

How to Save Tweets in a Google Spreadsheet

To get started, install the Twitter Archiver and it’ll produce a brand new Google computer program. visit the Add-on menu, opt for Twitter Archiver and choose the Authorize menu. enable the Google Sheet to access Twitter on your behalf – the app desires this permission to solely fetch tweets and can ne’er post something to your Twitter account.

Once your Twitter account is allowed, visit the Twitter Archiver menu once more and make a brand new Search Rule. If you have got each used the advanced search page on Twitter, this search rule screen are going to be terribly acquainted. you’ll produce rules that mention sure search terms, explore for actual phrases, notice tweets by #hashtags, tweets that @mention specific Twitter users and then on.

Now that you simply have created your Twitter search question, click “Start Tracking” button to initialize the Twitter Archiver. Internally, the sheet can connect with Twitter and pull within the historic tweets that match your search term(s). It writes these tweets in an exceedingly separate sheet within the Google computer program. once the initial set is force, the archiver can poll Twitter each hour and pull within the matching tweets that are denote since the last run.

In addition to tweets, the Twitter Archiver app will import alternative information together with the tweet’s retweet & favorite count, the tweeter’s friend & followers count and whether or not they area unit verified or not. This information can assist you strain the spam Twitter users or simply surface tweets from the foremost authoritative users.

If you’d wish to stop archiving tweets for a selected search term, visit the Twitter Archiver menu, opt for Saved Searches menu and you’ll see a listing of your exisitng saved searches. choose the one you would like to delete from the dropdown and hit the Delete button.

Isn’t that simple? There’s no have to be compelled to produce any Twitter apps nor does one got to twiddle Google Scripts.

Twitter Archiver – commonly asked queries

How am i able to produce advanced search queries?
The archiver supports all Twitter search operators. for example, you’ll place min_retweets:5 within the Advanced Rule box to surface the most effective tweets for a groundwork term.

Why will Twitter Archiver access to numerous services?
The Archiver add-on connects to associate external service (Twitter API) and saves the tweets to Google computer program. Also, ought to a retardant arise, you’ll email the right logs to the developer and therefore it desires permissions to send mail.

What is your Privacy Policy?
The add-on runs within your Google Account and directly connects to Twitter. It doesn’t share even one computer memory unit of information with anyone, together with the developer.

My Twitter Archiver isn’t propulsion all the recent tweets. Why?
The Twitter API doesn’t offer all the historical tweets via the API. it’ll solely come back tweets that are denote within the previous 5-7 days or last one thousand tweets. The archiver can but fetch future tweets for any terms that it’s following.

Do I actually have to stay the sheet hospitable save the tweets?
The archiver runs on Google servers and can so work even whereas the Google Sheet is closed. you’ll shut the sheet, shut down your pc and therefore the archiver can still work.

What is the distinction between free and premium editions?
The free edition of the Twitter add-on helps you to track up to two search queries. you’ll track a lot of queries within the same Google Sheet with premium. The free edition polls Twitter each hour whereas the premium edition pulls tweets each quarter-hour thus it’s heap of} appropriate for following terms that area unit generating lot of tweets (like a conference #hashtag or a live sports event).

How do I upgrade to the Premium Edition of Twitter Archiver
You can use this PayPal link to upgrade to premium. It is $39.99 one-time flat fee and you’ll use premium always.

I need facilitate. World Health Organization do I contact?
Support is barely offered with the premium edition. If you have got gone premium, use the contact type at or email along with your request.

Why user Twitter Archiver once IFTTT or Zapier may save tweets?
The Twitter Archiver save complete meta-data of the tweets within the computer program, it fetches tweets at a way quicker rate and you’ll visually produce and manage search queries from within a Google Sheet.

I am obtaining a message from Google language “The service is exploitation an excessive amount of pc time for one day”
You can solely create a restricted variety of connections to the Twitter API from your Google Account. If you’re following too several search terms within the Google Sheet, you may get that error. However, Google can reset the limit each twenty four hours thus it’ll resume itself future day.

How do I save my tweets in alternative formats like PDF?
Since the tweets area unit saved in an exceedingly Google computer program, you’ll simply export the search ends up in varied formats together with PDF, CSV or maybe publish your information set as associate markup language online page (choose File -> Publish to net within Google Sheets). Advanced users could do this technique to make JSON or RSS Feeds from Twitter.