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In this article, I will tell you that how you can root Phone without PC, what are the benefits and disadvantages of rooting a phone. So do read this article. It will help you a lot in rooting your device through different simple methods.

There are few limitations in every Android device, and you can use your smartphone only within that Limitations. Like you can’t update your Android version without the permission of company, or you can’t delete the company install Apps from your phone.

But once after rooting your phone, You’ll not need company permissions to do anything. Now you can easily cross all of those limitations which were created by the company. Like you can update your phone to any Android version you want, You can uninstall all the Pre-install Apps from your device. It makes you the super user of your device. By rooting your device, you will get a lot of benefits, But there are some disadvantage too. So If you want to Root Android phone. First, read its basic pros and cons.


  • When you root Android device. You’ll become the super user of this device.
  • You’ll get full control on all the applications on your smartphone(You can delete any App from your phone).
  • You can transfer any the App from Phone memory to SDcard.
  • You can flash the custom recovery, custom ROM, etc. of your device.
  • You can update your Android version. For example. You have a device with Android version 4.1. So you can upgrade it to Marshmallow 5.1 quickly.
  • When you root Android phone, You can improve the performance of your device.
  • After rooting device, you can share Wi-Fi with your friends (Normally you can only share mobile data).
  • Many Apps requires root access like screen recording apps. So you can use these apps too once after you root the device.
  • It improves your backup and restores features.
  • It Boosts your Phone battery life and speed.
  • After rooting device. You can block ads from any App.


  • There is no official method to Root Android phone.
  • Once, you root Android phone. Now you will never receive the official updates of your device.
  • Increase the security risk of your device (can be hacked quickly).
  • Higher chances of viruses attack.

How to Root Android Phone:

So Finally, I am going to teach you how you can root Android phone using the different methods. So read all the methods carefully, and then choose the easier method to root your device.

Root Android device using KingRoot:

Install Root checker:

  1. First of All, go to Playstore and download the root checker app.
  2. Now open the Root checker app and Click on “Agree” and then “OK” Button.
  3. Then click on the “verify” button. Now a new message will Appear “Sorry root access is not properly installed on this device.

Click here to download Root Checker

Install KingRoot App:

  1. Go to and download KingRoot from there.
  2. Open the App after installing. Click on “Try it” button under the “Purify system”.
  3. After checking, the new message will appear “Root access in unavailable”. Now click on the “Start Root” button (Now it will take some time to complete the rooting process).
  4. After finishing the process, open the “Root Checker” app again and click on “verify root” button. Now it will verify your root access and the new message will appear “Congratulation Root access is properly install on this device.”
  5. So congratulation, Your device is rooted now.

Click here to download KingRoot

Root Android Phone using Odin(From PC):

  1. First of all, Go to download any version.
  2. Now go to CF-Auto-Root. Find the name and model of your smartphone in a list and download CF-Root file from here.
  3. Then opens the Odin file that you’ve downloaded in your PC.
  4.  Take your Android phone and Go to setting then click on Developers options and enable USB debugging from here.
  5. Now switch off your smartphone. Connect it to PC through USB. Now press the Home button, Volume up button and power button together.
  6. Now click on volume up button to continue. It will start downloading the file.
  7. Now go to Oden on your PC(which is already open) and click on PDA and choose the CF-Root file(Which was downloaded from CF-Auto-Root).
  8. Now click on the start button. And downloading will start in your Android device.
  9. After completion of the process. Just go to Root checker again, and it will show you “Congratulation Root access is properly installed on this device.”
  10. So Congratulations.
  • So Above are two working methods to Root Android phone. You can try the any of above methods to root your Android device. If you have any questions regarding this article. You can simply ask in the comments below.