Google Play Games service will allow you to Record and Upload Gameplay videos – 101Blogger


Gameplay Videos are now getting very famous and Profitable Day by day because of people interest in it. So google has decide to to add an Option to Record your Gameplay Videos and upload it to youtube Through the Play Game app, This app is installed in most of the phones already. If you don’t have Play Game App From google store.

How to Record and Upload Gameplay Videos:

It is really simple and More than easy to Record and upload gameplay videos. Just Open your Play Games app and select the Game which you want to play. Play Game app allow yopu to Record Video in 2 different resolutions One is 720p and second is 480p. so Click on the Record button and Select the Resolution Which you want. You can Record yourself too through front camera while playing Games and Can Record commentary also with the help of Microphone. Below pic will Help you alot.

(This option is currently available Only in US and UK. Soon This Feature will be provide to all over the world.)

Videos Can than be edited and uploaded to YouTube. Couple of weeks ago, Google has announced YouTube Gaming.  which is very serious step by google about making strides in the Field of Gaming.