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1. Alexa – Enter the web site’s domain and Alexa can reveal the ranking of that website supported a combined live of distinctive guests and page views. The rank isn’t supported a site’s traffic alone however is relative to the traffic of all alternative sites that area unit monitored by Alexa. Webmasters area unit usually skeptical of Alexa range however they the rank remains an honest indicator of a website’s quality over time.

2. vie – you’ll be able to use vie to estimate the whole US traffic (unique visitors) for nearly each web site on the net. vie uses information from ISPs, their own toolbar and alternative information sources to live the traffic. It offers alternative metrics like Page Views, average keep period, demographics, etc. however these area unit solely on the market to paid users.

3. Similar net – It come into being as a tool for locating similar sites however currently offers a spread of information together with traffic analysis in a very clean interface. You get to understand the site’s traffic over time, the countries that area unit causation the foremost traffic, what search keywords area unit delivery the organic referrals, what quantity time users area unit disbursement on a web site so on. The traffic reports will be downloaded as PDF files for archiving.

4. SEM Rush – It offers lots of data around search (organic) traffic for any web site. place within the web site address and you’ll instantly savvy the positioning has fared in organic search over time. the information will be split by country, you get to understand which websites area unit causation traffic and additionally the keywords that area unit delivery the foremost guests. Open web site person is another common tool during this class.

5. QuantCast – Like vie, you’ll be able to use QuantCast to work out what percentage individuals have visited a particular web site throughout a offer amount from desktop or portable. For sites that have enforced the QuantCast tags, you get additional correct metrics together with traveler demographics, traffic by country, and also the split in mobile and desktop traffic.

Find web site Traffic with Google AdWords

Few years agone, Google Ad Planner and Google Trends for Websites were the go-to tools for estimating a site’s traffic however they need since been discontinued . you’ll be able to but still use the show Planner tool within Google AdWords to induce an honest plan of a site’s traffic and demographics. Here’s how:
Go to show Planner and sign-in along with your Google Account. you wish not be AN AdWords advertizer to use this tool.

Next place the site’s domain within the search box, set the Campaign targeting to us (or take away geographic targeting to visualize world traffic) and click on “Get Placement ideas.” Google can currently show you the common impressions per week for that domain and if you multiply that range by four, you get an honest estimate of the site’s monthly traffic (hits).