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“But what is this?”… it is the reaction of most peoples when the see the iPad Pro for first time. the 12.9 Inches tablet that Apple has just put on sale. Yes, it is a huge. so you have to see it as a completely different product and not a “tablet” conventional, although it has the same name as the versions to 8 to 10 Inch iPad.

iPad Pro is not only huge, it is also powerful. It includes the A9x processor to move a screen which reach 2.734 x 2.048 pixels. i.e. a 264 dots per inch resolution. This makes watching videos in high resolution, surfing internet and playing games in a very good and great experience. The jump in processor also allow you to use new multitasking with two application open at the same time. You can watch TV channels live online while comments from twitter at the same time. One thing is clear that it has a very specific and target niche.


[su_note note_color=”#ededc2″]DESIGN: The weight of Apple iPad Pro is 710 g and has a thickness of 6.9 mm, It is the largest tablet ever release by Apple. measuring 505 mm high and 220 mm wide. >SCREEN: The screen of the Apple iPad Pro has a size of 12.9 inches and its resolution of this tablet is 2732 x 2048 pixels. we are talking about an IPS screen which is 264 ppi per inch.

HARDWARE: Its processor is A93X with 64 bits architecture. Its RAM is 4 GB. 32 and 128 GB of internal storage. MicroSD card slot is not available in it.

SOFTWARE: The Apple iPad Pro comes with iOS version 9. It comes with premium set of free Apple apps.

CAMERA: Apple iPad Pro comes with 8 Mega pixels of real camera with auto focus. 4K UHD video recording. while its front camera is 1.2 Mega pixel with 720p video recording.

BATTERY: 10,304 mAh battery. According to Apple, the iPad Pro has a battery life of 10 hours in stand-by position.

CONNECTIVITY: Bluetooth v4.2, Wi-Fi (802.11a / b / g / n / ac); dual channel (2.4GHz and 5GHz); With MIMO HT80, 2G/3g/4G supported, fingerprint sensor, [/su_note]

One of the possible cases of use of this equipment is the replacement of laptop. Your screen is nearly 13 inches, which allow applications to have enough space to display more information. In addition, you can open two applications at the same time like computer and laptops. which helps a lot when it comes to managing content in multi-tasking. you can also copy and paste text between different apps.

Apple seeks to improve productivity with iPad Pro. so that the first times. Apples dare to launch physical keyboard calls smart keyboard. It is not currently in all over the world but in few countries.

Writing with this keyboard on iPad pro is comfortable. but it is quite far from the competition like Microsoft surface Pro 3 keyboard. it is also quite far from the comforts that provide a portable.

It comes with a Pen:

we arrived at the surprise of the iPad Pro: Apple pencil. it is digital pen. It detect the pressure and angle by which it is drawn. It is quite easy to write and draw with this Apple pen.

According to the Paul, an artist. the experience of combining the pen and the large screen of iPad pro is quite positive. Draw with applications such as notes and paper are extremely fast and pencil gets a high speed of refreshment. The result of Apple pen is pretty good when compare to other teams such as surface pro 4 with OneNote. it is even slightly faster.

The main advantage of an Apple pencil is that it is an Apple product and can work much batter then the third party product. in addition, there are many applications that have been adapted to be supported such as Sketch, Mic comp etc.

Apple pencil uses Bluetooth to connect with iPad and a lightning port to load it. if You need it for an emergency, with 15 second’s loading you’ll get 30 minutes of use.

Yes, you can enjoy a lot of playing with it. The four speakers and  the screen will ensure and excellent experience. But it is uncomfortable too just because f its size. Because it is very difficult to hold it in hands.

Such a big screen and power display also affects battery life. the battery lasted about nine hours. The impact of battery is different depending on the use.  Its screen is also evolved the multi-touch system.